Passwordless authentication for Bitbucket. Easier login experience with biometrics or FIDO2 security keys

WebAuthn for Bitbucket

Passwordless authentication is one of the authorization possibilities when users are not required to use passwords to log in to their accounts.

WebAuthn for Bitbucket

The FIDO2 Web Authentication (WebAuthn) is a new generation technology and a more reliable way of online authentication developed by FIDO Alliance and standardized by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium ) recently in 2019.
WebAuthn technology allows to eliminate the risks that arise from providing passwords to emails or phones and allows people to use a fingerprint or hardware security key instead of password.

Thanks to WebAuthn for Bitbucket add-on developed by Alpha Serve passwordless authentication is now possible for Bitbucket users. A hardware security key and biometric on the authenticator can be used together. Several credentials can be registered for each user's convenience.

Key Features

New Login Experience
Use security hardware keys or built-in biometrics to login to Bitbucket. No need to use passwords anymore. No need to remember passwords anymore.
Advanced Security
Asymmetric cryptography is used instead of passwords or SMS texts. The Private Key is stored securely on the user's device, a Public Key and randomly generated Credential ID is sent to the server.
W3C Standard
WebAuthn (Web Authentication) is a W3C web standard — interface for authenticating users to web-based applications and services using public-key cryptography (asymmetric cryptography).
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