The first enterprise-grade solution for Fisheye/Crucible Two-factor authentication with U2F support

2FA for Fisheye/Crucible

Available in Data Center and Server versions

2FA for Fisheye/Crucible: U2F & TOTP

Information is hard currency, where high level cybersecurity measures become increasingly important, despite the company size.

When it comes to projects, sensitive or confidential data need to be safeguarded from threats. For example, highly sensitive data such as health records, or other personal information, must be protected at any cost.

2-factor authentication (2FA) is one effective solution for project teams using Fisheye/Crucible. All 2FA methods rely on users providing a password as well as a second factor. Our plugin is the first app which enables the use of U2F devices (Yubico Yubikey, NitroKey, TapID, Bluink Key, Feitian) together with a mobile device as key code generator.

Having been a Fisheye/Crucible user, Alpha Serve required the use of U2F tokens as a second factor to protect customer project data based on customer request, besides we needed an additional security layer for other projects with strict non-disclosure commitments. As there were no solutions on Atlassian marketplace at the moment, our development team designed its own plugin which was later introduced to Atlassian Marketplace.

Key Features

High privacy
The suitable second factor for secure login can be chosen by the users and can be changed at anytime. Login does not require any personal information.
Easy to use
Can be installed very quickly in 2 simple steps and managed by intuitive interface. Back-up option is an important feature. Alpha Serve provides users with customer support.
Top level of security
Plugin offers an extra layer of security. Due to the choice of 2FA being flexible, app provides safety during external login or integrations.
U2F devices can be selected for certain groups of Fisheye/Crucibleusers to protect most sensitive confidential data. This layer of protection safeguards users from phishing, session hijacking and malware attacks.
2FA for Fisheye/Crucible: U2F & TOTP now for free. Visit the Alpha Serve Marketplace page.