Trusted security solution for Confluence Two-factor authentication

Confluence 2FA (2 factor authentication) by Alpha Serve

2FA for Confluence available in Data Center and Server versions

2FA for Confluence: U2F & TOTP

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Enjoy a hassle-free and secure user login to Confluence. The app combines simplicity with a great user experience.

2FA for Confluence: U2F & TOTP is the first app that enables the use of U2F devices (Yubico Yubikey, NitroKey, TapID, Bluink Key, Feitian) together with a mobile device as key code generator.

Key Features

TOTP & U2F Support
Supports any mobile application, such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, 2STP, OTP Auth, Authy, and others. For U2F: use FIDO2/WebAuthn devices like Yubico Yubikey, NitroKey, TapID, Bluink Key, Feitian.
Flexible Settings
Get more from a variety of app Settings: Whitelist IP addresses / IP ranges, enable Brute Force defense, Force certain groups to enable MFA, allow to Remember devices for fast login.
Rich Access Logs
Track and analyze users’ activity, search by username, or IP address. Export Authentication logs to CSV, XLS/XLSX.


Starting from
  • per year for 10 users
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Data Center
Starting from
  • per year for 500 users
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2FA for Confluence: U2F & TOTP
Learn more about 2FA for Confluence app from this video demo
Try 2FA for Confluence: U2F & TOTP now for free. Visit the Alpha Serve Marketplace page.

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One of the Most Effective Strategies to Improve the Security and Reliability of Your Atlassian Products

Online security is one of the primary concerns of every IT business. 2-factor authentication is one of the efficient ways to address data safety risks. You need more than a password to validate your identity while using 2FA and to access a device. It requires the second element (fido security key).

The number of cybercrimes is growing every year. While no one denies the fact, only 50% of businesses are using two-factor authentication to secure sensitive data.

In the age when big data rules the universe and information is a hard currency, cybersecurity comes to the foreground. Did you know that the quantity of cybersecurity attacks is growing very fast all over the world?