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Meet our Authors

Chief Executive Officer at Alpha Serve
Anton Storozhuk
IT Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO at Alpha Serve. With 15 + years of experience in software development, network engineering, IT infrastructure setup & maintenance, and project management, sets the direction of the company's growth.
Chief Strategy Officer at Alpha Serve
Anna Odrynska
Responsible for strategic business development at Alpha Serve. With 10+ years in corporate processes and project management, helping Alpha Serve to create and bring to life the company's business strategy in terms of product development.
Support Team Lead at Alpha Serve
Liubov Topchyi
Responsible for the work of the Support department. Software testing and QA background, together with ISTQB Certification, allow her to understand deeply the Alpha Serve solutions from the user's value perspective and Atlassian ecosystem input.
Project Manager at Alpha Serve
Nataliya Timoshina
Has 6 years of experience in Java development and 3 years in IT project management. Knowing inside and out how the product development process works, helping our programmers at Alpha Serve easily and productively organize and analyze teamwork and successfully bring a project from start to finish.
Business Development Manager at Alpha Serve
Khrystyna Shparyk
Responsible for Business development & Partnership management. Responsible for the formation of strategic partnerships, participation in industry events, communication with existing and potential partners and appointing and conducting meetings with new c-level partners.
Content Manager at Alpha Serve
With a Ph.D. in Philology and experience in digital communication, she is a leading voice for Alpha Serve. Her knowledge spans academic and practical, ensuring depth and relevance in industry topics. Her dedication makes every piece a reflection of industry expertise.
Marina Pigol