Reimagining Jira and Confluence applications

Extend the possibilities of your Atlassian products with our apps

Passionate About Products

Using Atlassian products as an integral part of our software development business for 8 years, we became well-versed in covering the lack of functionality by developing our own custom applications.

Our business needs were not unique; in fact, this is why we introduced our products to the Atlassian Marketplace — so the business community could benefit from them, too.

These days, our applications help companies all over the world maximize their Atlassian experience in line with their business needs.

Our applications solve authentication security issues, help with task management, time tracking, and reporting.

Empower your team to perform better and focus on project solutions instead of spending valuable time on planning or additional migration tasks.
Key Features
Alpha Serve products make your Atlassian experience more secure and effective.
Intuitive user interface
All apps are easily configurable and have an understandable, user-friendly interface. There is no need to have Jira administration experience or special programming skills to start using them.
Visible performance results
Our apps are aimed at making your Jira experience more effective. Our solutions facilitate optimization of project planning and control (Checklist for Jira, Time Tracker for Jira, Issue Picker), offer reliable data protection (2FA plugins), and help integrate Jira as a source for data analysis (Power BI for Jira, Tableau for Jira, etc.).
Different deployment options
All apps are already available for Server or Data Center deployment. The Cloud versions will be released by the end of 2019, covering all the options for your convenience.
Continuous functional improvement
We devote time and resources to improve the quality of our products based on customer feedback. We collect active requests not only from purchasing customers but also during the evaluation process to continue making the apps fully suitable for all customer needs.
Our Customers Love Us
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