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Easy way to enable project roles dashboard. A universal solution for viewing user project roles

Project Roles for Jira

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Plugin adds “Roles” tab to Project view. This tab provides information about all users of this project grouped by their roles. It is created to make it clear which users are assigned to a certain project and which roles they have.

It expands project view with additional page to provide access to user roles information.

Key Features

Project team information at hand
Easily find the needed users and their project roles on Project view screen. See all users assigned to a particular project/issue.
No configuration
You don't need to configure plugin after installation, as it works with existing information already available in Jira.
Relevant project data
You can get a simple access to actual information relevant to a certain project. You can easily find all actual information on the project team working on a certain project.


10 users
  • per year
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25 users
  • per year
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50 users
  • per year
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100 users
per year
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Project Roles for Jira
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