Mail Me — Send emails effortlessly

Send emails effortlessly. Increase your work efficiency — get started doing more with Mail Me

Mail Me allows you to send Jira issue by email the way you always wanted to. You can send issue via email at any time, without having to switch apps from Jira to your email client.
Mail Me covers a number of use cases:
Send issues emails manually within Jira
Utilize attachment support to optionally include any attachments in the email
Edit issue description for the email with Jira's default wiki editor and the changes will not be saved in the issue
Email preview
Send email in html or text format
Set default recipients (i.e. assignee), groups and roles
Create custom email templates using Velocity
Customize custom SMTP server for plugin's connections

Key Features

Send Issue right from the Issue Screen
Send issue right from the Issue Screen. Attach screenshots or any other files to your email. Send issue via Email to internal users, issue watchers, groups and roles.
Enable Jira to use custom outbound SMTP server
You can use custom outbound SMTP server for your plugin with the ability to specify an email prefix and sender address. Using separate mail connections for your plugin and Jira events spreads the outbound delivery load.
Create your own email templates
You can define a set of custom email templates for your project team and use them when sending issue. Templates can embed actual issue details.
Learn more from the video demo
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