Get your Nitrokey security device for a free 30-day trial | Alpha Serve

Our partner Nitrokey offers to Alpha Serve customers a free trial for any of their security keys for 30 days.

Using a security hardware device is a strong authentication option. It has a number of undisputable advantages, as they are easy to use to prevent unauthorized logins

at a rather affordable price.

There is detailed information about the use of security keys for authentication

in our blog

Our partner Nitrokey offers a free 30-day trial for Alpha Serve customers.

You can get a Nitrokey FIDO U2F demo device for a test period of 30 days. All Nitrokey devices are compatible and have proven performance with Alpha Serve 2FA applications and WebAuthn applications for Atlassian products. You can check Nitrokey portfolio for more information on the devices.

This is a proper option for your company if:

  • you’re considering to implement a 2FA or Passwordless authentication for your Atlassian infrastructure and you need hardware security keys for complex evaluation of the option, or
  • you’re already using Alpha Serve 2FA/WebAuthn apps and need to purchase an additional number of devices, but you’d like to test them first.

How to Get a Free Demo Device from Nitrokey for a 30-day Trial?

  1. Go to
  2. Select the type of device you’d like to try and click Add to Cart button:
2FA Explained
Proceed to checkout. At this step you need to enter our promo code.
Press “ I have a promo code” in the Order Total section and enter alphaserve2849, click Apply and Process Checkout:
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4. Fill in your address details to organize delivery.
5. Select the preferred shipment method and payment option.
Attention! you do not pay for the device at the moment! The displayed price will only be invoiced, if you don't send the demo device back to Nitrokey after 30 days of trial use.
6. You’ll see the Order number and details on the next page. Don’t forget to check your email box for full information on the order.
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Don’t be confused if you see in the email that the device will be sent only after the payment. This relates to the paid orders without promo code.
You’ll have 30 days to test the selected device. After this period you can either return the device back, or purchase it by paying the invoice you’ll get from Nitrokey after your trial period expires.

Don’t forget that Alpha Serve customers can also get a special offer for the devices purchase directly from Nitrokey. If you’re interested, fill in this form.